The Band Booth specialises in helping artists reach their full potential.


Whether you require the full services of an engineer or production team, or you just require the space and equipment to create your dreams - The Band Booth can help. 


Our producers, Jack Newlyn and Paul Cooper have formed a production package that can not only record and mix your music but can contribute musically by adding live drums, guitar, bass, piano, synths and backing vocals. With over 15 years of performing, song writing and production experience across multiple genres, they specialise in developing the smallest ideas into completely fleshed out and memorable productions. 

We also offer the use of our studio and its recording equipment to freelance engineers so, if you have a producer but just need the space we can help too.

Our studio services don't just start and finish at music. We can also assist with podcasting and vocal recording (audio books, phone messaging, voice overs and more....)

Contact us at to enquire about the options available.